Large demonstrations are planned across Europe this coming Saturday

Surprising marriage-off: A few months ago the Gottschalks still appeared as a family. (Source:

Now the Gottschalks have also been hit: after more than 40 (forty!) Years of marriage, the celebrity couple separated. I confess: I too was a little shaken when I heard this news – and asked myself: Do I have to lose faith in what is good now? Doesn’t hold anything anymore? Whether with friends or celebrities, somehow you can’t get rid of the feeling that more and more relationships are failing. I crept to bed last night with these sad thoughts.

And then I woke up early this morning, looked at the calendar and saw: Today is world lucky day! So I took a second look at the short article in which my colleague Silke Ahrens noted how to be happy very quickly. I felt better then. And when I took the third look at the wonderful love tips from our loyal readers, then at the latest I knew: The great love still exists – even after 40, 50 or more years. Oh, that’s nice!


Manfred Weber. (Source: Axel Schmidt / Reuters)

If everything goes as (he) expected, Manfred Weber will soon be the most important politician in the EU. He is the top candidate of the conservative European People’s Party (EPP), and as such he will probably be the next EU Commission President and successor to Jean-Claude Juncker after the European elections. Exactly the right man to answer a few questions this week: What’s next with the tiresome Brexit? Or: Does the EPP executive committee have to throw the anti-democrat Viktor Orban out of the party family at its meeting today? 

Answers are needed. So our head of politics Tatjana Heid and our parliamentary reporter Jonas Schaible went to Munich and met Weber for an interview. You have seen a man who is obviously running out of patience with the British. Although he is more of a relaxed guy and knows how to express himself diplomatically as a political professional, he said sentences like: "I am tired of our letting home affairs in Britain dictate the whole of the European agenda." And: "For many, the feeling grows: enough." Who wanted to contradict him?

Weber’s proposed solution is surprising, however: If the British Parliament cannot agree on what it wants, Great Britain could still hold a referendum – before the European elections at the end of May. So far this has been considered utopian, and there has been talk of several months of preparation. Papperlapapp, says Weber. Why? Read that here.


Peter Smits. (Source: Instagram-realpietsmiet)

We have no voice. They do whatever they want up there anyway. They don’t listen to us citizens. This is the prejudice of many people about politicians. It is wrong. First of all, those up there are not that high up, but only temporary decision-makers and secondly, they usually listen carefully to what is happening in the population because they depend on their approval. This is what is happening now with the dispute over European copyright law. The CDU and SPD had agreed to a new regulation in Brussels, which foreseeably prefers large corporations such as Google and Facebook and disadvantages German digital companies and online artists. As a result, there was great protest on the web, but also on the streets of many cities. Large demonstrations are planned across Europe this coming Saturday. That seems to impress the decision-makers.

One of the people who is very committed to this is Peter Smits. If the name doesn’t mean anything to you, please ask your children or grandchildren, they should know it. Smits is a superstar on the Internet: his YouTube channel, on which he usually comments on video games, has more than 2.3 million viewers. Politics has so far played a minor role in this world – but that is changing with the attack by EU politicians on the free In an interview with my colleague Laura Stresing and myself, Smits explains exactly what the problem is.


Angela Merkel’s cabinet is discussing the key figures for the 2020 federal budget and the financial plan up to 2023 today. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz will then inform about this at a press conference. If you are regularly on Twitter, you already know your planning. 


The deceased Bruno Ganz is buried today in the cemetery in the Zurich suburb of Rehalp. I still can’t believe that I can no longer see this wonderful, incomparable actor shine on stage.


Nico Schulz. (Source: imago)

There are soccer stars who eat gilded steaks. There are football stars who travel to the national team in clothes that cost 25,000 euros. And there is Nico Schulz. A guy who is refreshingly down-to-earth and doesn’t give a damn about catwalks and luxury when it comes to rubbish. The Berliner should play an important role in the reconstruction of the DFB-Elf and has already seen a lot despite his youth. Before the international match of the new Löw squad against Serbia, which you can follow today from 8.45 p.m. in the live ticker of my sports colleagues, our down-to-earth soccer expert David Digili talked to Schulz: about his hardest time, about the dangers for young players – and about it, what really matters in life.



Although there is constant coverage of Russia, this vast country, its people and its political leadership often remain strangely alien to us. Why do politics and society appear so nationalistic there, don’t citizens demand more democracy, freedom of expression, international balance? We ask ourselves that over and over again. And then we hear about the new book by the author Masha Gessen. It explains Russia masterfully – in such detail and at the same time conclusively that one finally understands the breaks and developments there. Phew, such a big book, we think, when should we read that too? And then we see that our colleagues at Deutschlandfunk have published a concise summary of the work, which takes minutes, not hours to read. So read it quickly! 



Do you know those rude bullies who don’t give a damn about other people’s dignity? In far-away Asia, a courageous gentleman shows us how to put such bad guys in their place. 

I wish you a courageous day


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Passengers can ask rail employees for help when getting on and off, says Deutsche Bahn. But rail customers always experience it differently. Now an ex-politician is complaining.

Deutsche Bahn has just given an assurance: The staff can help train passengers with prams or wheelchairs to get on and off. A day later, a former politician spoke up. He had a completely different experience.

Hans-Christian Ströbele, the long-time member of the Bundestag for the Greens, criticizes the fact that the Deutsche Bahn staff did not help him get on and off. That reports that "Editorial network Germany" (RND).

He had to change trains twice – with a walker

The 80-year-old is disabled and needs a walker. He took the train from Berlin to his sister in Wetzlar, Hesse. On the way there and back he had to change trains twice – each in Hanover and in Giessen.

Ströbele now complains: The company refused to lift him and his walker onto the trains with hydraulic lifts. These are safer and their use is also more convenient for everyone involved. When Ströbele complained, the train told him it was okay "for insurance reasons" Not. He should borrow a wheelchair.

"We regret that … this situation has come about"

On Tuesday lunchtime, Deutsche Bahn once again made it clear to that all employees enjoy full insurance cover as part of their activities. However, the elevator is too unsafe for travelers with a rollator, wrote a spokesman. He also pointed out that travelers with a walker can get a wheelchair at some train stations to use the lift. However, they must register this with the mobility center in good time.

"We regret that this situation arose during Hans-Christian Ströbele’s trip"wrote the spokesman. "We will of course seek contact with Mr. Ströbele and discuss the matter with him."

Deutsche Bahn reacts incorrectly to a complaint

The complaint comes at a bad time for the group. After all, he has only just saved himself from a PR mishap. At the weekend, a pregnant customer complained that she had not been helped to carry the stroller.

Parents can ask for help: Deutsche Bahn apologizes for tweet to pregnant travelers Travel expenses: With these twelve tips you can now save on rail travel "A very, very good choice": ” Climate hysteria ” – Environment Minister praises unword of the year

The company initially responded on Twitter: Employees are not insured when they carry people’s strollers onto the train. A spokesman later revoked this and announced that he would apologize to the customer.

Sources used: Own research. Editorial network Germany: Deutsche Bahn caused Ströbele problems with walkers

At "File number XY … unsolved" it was about the case of the killed CDU politician Walter Lübcke. Then there were some calls to the advisory phone. A "very hot track" shouldn’t be there.

In the case of the Kassel district president who was shot and killed, a call to witness on TV initially did not result in a breakthrough in the investigation. After the ZDF broadcast "File number XY … unsolved" reported about the death of Walter Lübcke (65), 80 reports were received. "A very hot lead was not there yet"said Torsten Werner, spokesman for the police special commission (Soko) on Thursday.

Since on the night of the crime there was a fair only a few meters away from the CDU politician’s house, the investigators had asked visitors to send photos and videos of the festival to the police. Witnesses who heard a gunshot were also searched. This material is now being evaluated, said Andreas Thöne, spokesman for the Kassel public prosecutor: "There is nothing we can say about the status of the investigation."

According to the public prosecutor, the crime scene in the 900-inhabitant village of Wolfhagen-Istha near Kassel was searched for traces again on Wednesday. In addition, the Soko "Liemecke" increased from around 20 to around 50 officials. It is common for such a unit to be increased in the course of the investigation, said police spokesman Werner.

The motive for the act remains unclear

Lübcke was discovered on Sunday night at around 0.30 a.m. on the terrace of his house with a gunshot wound to the head. Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful. The autopsy revealed that the politician was killed with a shot in the head at close range. The motive is unclear.

The memorial service for the district president will take place on June 13th (4 p.m.) in Kassel. There will be a funeral service in the Martinskirche "protocol of honor" give, said the deputy government spokeswoman in Hesse, Elke Cezanne. 

District President shot: Federal President comments on the death of Walter LübckeWalter Lübcke: What we know about the death of the politician – and what not

 During the funeral service, the police and the armed forces will keep an honor guard on the coffin. In addition, the coffin is covered with the Hessen flag. Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) and the Bishop of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck (EKKW), Martin Hein, will speak.

Sources used: dpa news agency

"We don’t need them anymore"said Friedrich Merz at an event. Journalists were probably meant. Now he’s responding to ongoing criticism.

The CDU politician Friedrich Merz had spoken a few days ago about reporting in the German media.