Strictly speaking, even longer: his last ligator dated 22.

The doctors at the hospital in Belgium didn’t know what it was because they had never seen anyone survive such a heavy impact. “” A short time later he was transferred to a hospital in London. In addition to his leg injuries, the spine and lungs were also affected. He was put into an artificial coma and had to undergo several hours of operation. He said he had more leg operations ahead of him, looking down at his metal-encased leg. While he missed the support of some, his family, friends and colleagues were always there for him. Motorsport works like a big family, Correa said in an interview.

Above all, he thanks the family of the late Hubert for their support: “” A few weeks after the death of their own son they sent me messages to the hospital wishing me all the best for the operations. It was really great for me and it was such a great help mentally to have this support. “” Despite everything: the driver with an Ecuadorian and US passport never thought about not returning to racing. “” But there were moments in the hospital when my focus was on living and staying alive and then saving the leg. “” For him, one thing is certain: “” Yes, I can go back. The timing is unpredictable, it is such a complicated injury that so much can happen.

That can make a difference of five months earlier or five months later. But even if it takes two years to come back, I’ll be back. I’m very sure of that. “” The reason: “” I miss racing a lot, every day. “” Correa even dreams of more, of the really big one – Formula 1. “” I can imagine Formula 1 one day to drive. Why not?

When I do everything that is possible in rehab. Racing is not like ballet or football, you don’t have to be one hundred percent on your feet, “” he said. “” If you can hit the gas and brake, you’re good. I’m fit from the waist up and have no damage, that’s the most important thing. The hands and head are important and that’s ok. I have to get my leg good enough that I can step on the gas and brake, then I can drive any car in the world. “” He knows that one day he will return to Spa with the racing circuit.

He has already been to Belgium virtually again. In December, he posted a photo on Instagram showing him training on the simulator. The route: Spa-Francorchamps. Correa emphasizes that this should remain as it is despite the fatal accident. “” No, you shouldn’t change the blush, this curve is legendary.

And to be honest, that could happen in so many other corners too, “” he explained. “” I love this corner and the track is also one of my favorites in the simulator. I don’t know what it’s like when I drive there again in real life, but no, you shouldn’t change the route. “” Source: “Lingard can still celebrate with his teammates. (Photo: Pool via REUTERS) Jesse Lingard is having a poor season at Manchester United, with no goal or assist until the 98th.biology essay writing services usa

Minute in the very last game of the season in the Premier League. The fact that the 27-year-old is celebrating a sense of achievement should be particularly annoying for a tipster: Leicester City against Manchester United – it was the duel for the Champions League. On the last day of the Premier League it was clear: only one of the two can make it. And so it was true for both: losing is prohibited. Ultimately, Manchester can celebrate thanks to a 2-0 victory, together with their city rivals, Manchester City, Chelsea FC and champions Liverpool FC, coach Ole Gunnar Solkskjaer’s team will represent England in the premier class in the coming season.

This is thanks, among other things, to a player whose goal no one had expected: Jesse Lingard of all people scored the redeeming 2-0 – Leicester could no longer counter it. In the 98th minute he took advantage of a mistake by goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel. The Dane had played a flat ball in front of his own goal in Lingard’s foot, the England international only had to push it into the empty goal. However, for some critics it was not previously clear whether the United attacker would manage such simple things.

Lingard had played too weakly this season. It was actually his first scorer point ever. He had neither scored nor laid a goal since the start of the season on August 11th.

In fact, even longer: His last goal in the league dates from December 22, 2018, when he first sunk a penalty and then scored a second goal in the 90th minute. Incidentally, it was Solskjaer’s first game, back then as an interim. Since then, there has not been much to see of the former hope Lingard. The 27-year-old had to endure a lot of scorn and ridicule.

But now he retaliated at the last second. He even messed up his risky bet for a predictor. The one who bet Lingard would not score a goal or assist this season. For a stake of ten pounds he would have made a profit of 670 pounds (about 735 euros). But then came 98.

Minute and the profit was gone, the bet was, well, already mean. But also the logical consequence of a season full of disappointments. The 27-year-old has played for Manchester United since 2008, but has been on loan several times in the meantime: to Leicester, Birmingham, Brigthon and Derby County. He has played in Manchester without interruption since 2015 and matured there to become a national player. Somewhat surprisingly, he was nominated for the 2018 World Cup by national coach Gareth Southgate, but justified his commitment in Russia with one goal and two assists.

However, there was not much left to see of its quality. Last season he only scored four goals and two assists in 27 games, this season only three yellow cards were included in his statistics in 22 Premier League games up to that 98th minute. His unfortunate appearance on the field ensured that coach Solskjaer increasingly trusted other players.

Since the restart after the Corona break, he has only been substituted twice. He was also only allowed to play against Leicester from the 77th minute, replacing Mason Greenwood, who pushed him out of the starting XI. His lack of chances made him ingloriously known: his name is now a metaphor for clumsy behavior in social networks. His goal celebration, which he, like Barcelona star Antoine Griezmann, adapted from the console game Fortnite, made him a brand, but didn’t help him on the pitch – and led to ridicule.

Lingard would promote himself more than doing something for his athletic profile, it was said, and there were even rumors that Lingard is worried about his place at Manchester United. From February to mid-July, he was mostly not even in Solskjaer’s squad. His contract runs until 2021, so he could only be handed in for a transfer now. United plans to bring their talents on board more. Maybe then there will be no more space in the squad for Lingard – not even for short appearances like this season, in which he was not even allowed to play through.

Perhaps a consolation goal was the first step in the right direction. In any case, he showed his critics. A very special one. Source: “(Photo: dpa) Without being tested really hard, the DFB team moves into the quarter-finals of the soccer World Cup. But there the opponents from Sweden prove to be more ripped off and cleverer.

The inexperienced team of national coach Voss-Tecklenburg is apparently not ready for the big success. Svenja Huth was in tears, and goal scorer Lina Magull was also clear that she was after the 1: 2 defeat against Sweden in the quarterfinals of football World Cup in France had cried on the pitch. Team chick Lena Oberdorf looked blankly at the waiting journalists in the mixed zone, central defender Sara Doorsoun spoke in a quieter voice than usual. The DFB team is going home this Sunday – instead of going to the French football capital Lyon, where with the semi-finals and the finals would have been the highlights of this tournament. You don’t have to blame this German team for missing this onward journey – they are their biggest critic themselves. It knows: Ultimately, the end is deserved, the Swedes were ripped off. “” We win as a team, we lose as a team “”, national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg had given the players right after the final whistle.

A sentence that was true in the previous games and that was also held against Sweden. The fact that Germany had not conceded a goal after four games was not only due to goalkeeper Almuth Schult, but also to her attentive defense – and the rows in front of them who helped out in an emergency. The fact that Schult now had to reach behind him twice in one game cannot be attributed to her either.

Rather, the team had not worked backwards consistently enough and had simply been played out by the Swedes more cleverly. After 20 minutes, the DFB-Elf had lost control of the game in which they had started so furiously. Magull had already taken the lead in the 16th minute, but the equalizer by Sofia Jakobsson brought the German game and self-confidence to collapse. The second Swedish goal by Stina Blackstenius also meant the first deficit in the tournament for the DFB – a completely new situation for the young, inexperienced team. The chosen ones from Voss-Tecklenburg are on average 25 years and ten months old, 15 of them played for the first time at a World Cup.

There is a lack of experience and serenity. What the team had so far made up for in the tournament with cheek and carelessness could not be hidden in the quarter-finals. “” I can’t blame my team for readiness, “said Voss-Tecklenburg. “” In some situations you saw that the opponent was more robust, clever and cool. “” Especially since the Swedes were probably the strongest opponents, because the tournament tree played the DFB team with Nigeria as their chosen opponent in the round of 16. The clear 3-0 victory against the underdogs could not be celebrated as a convincing performance, it was meanwhile almost as in danger as the two 1-0 victories against China and Spain in the group stage, which had to be shaken violently. Not a single one of the five games in total offered good football. Too many balls were thrown away, too few passes arrived, the team convinced more with struggle and will than with beauty.

The coach and her players repeatedly emphasized that they had improved from game to game in the tournament. But the facts also include the fact that Sweden was the first real duelist to collapse the fragile German system. Yes, there is a lot of potential in this selection by the DFB. The players keep emphasizing how great the community is, especially the three youngest Lena Oberdorf, Klara Bühl and Giulia Gwinn surprised positively. But the team is apparently not ready for great success.

They haven’t played together that long, Voss-Tecklenburg has only been national coach since January. “” We are in a process. We are not yet as consolidated as we would have liked, “” said the 51-year-old on ARD. “” That hurts. “” The quarter-finals are painful above all because Germany will be absent from the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo next year – as the reigning title holder. “” Brutal shit “” said Magull. “” We will grow with it and set ourselves new goals. The European Championship qualification begins soon “”, Voss-Tecklenburg looked ahead.

Then it’s against Montenegro, Ukraine, Ireland and Greece. None of these teams took part in the current World Cup. Anything but a sovereign march through would therefore be embarrassing. But that also means that the opponent who really challenges the DFB team does not exist for the time being.

He’s only waiting for the upcoming tournament – at the 2021 European Championship in England. Source: “Svenja Huth is one of the most experienced players in the DFB team. (Photo: imago images / HMB-Media) The DFB team is three days Already in Grenoble, where the last 16 of the World Cup will take place in France on Saturday. Who will be the opponent is still a mystery, because the FIFA regulations are so complicated that the players don’t even want to speculate.

Two days until the showdown. On Saturday (5.30 p.m. in the live ticker at the DFB-Elf will compete in the first knockout duel at the World Cup in France. The team headed by national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg doesn’t have much time to prepare. It is still not clear who the opponents will be in the round of 16 in Grenoble.

Which nation it will be depends on which four teams will be among the top four group thirds. That will only be decided on Thursday evening after the third games in groups E and F. The Fifa regulations are so complicated that the Germans don’t even know want to speculate first. “” I don’t care about the opponent, “said midfielder Lina Magull. Carolin Simon explained: “” We first have to concentrate on ourselves and then tactically adjust to the opponent. “” Voss-Tecklenburg emphasized: “” That means looking more at us now. To look more at the actions that we want to bring into play as principles anyway. “” It makes no sense to get upset about the complexity of the rules according to which the four best thirds of the group advance into the second round, said Magull: “” That decide very important ones People at Fifa, you have to accept that. “” In any case, few in the German team have an exact plan as to which opponents are still possible. “Thank God we have people like Almuth who bring us up to date,” says Simon with a grin.

It is not for nothing that this Almuth is called omniscient. It is likely that Schult was interested in watching the Group D games on Wednesday evening. Because with their last games, the possible candidates have been reduced.

Nigeria, Brazil or Argentina are now possible German competitors. Around 10:50 p.m., when the last preliminary round games are whistled, the Germans will have clarity. So a good 42 hours before kick-off. Will it be Brazil, the 2007 World Cup second?

There have been twelve duels against Germany so far, and the DFB selection has won seven times.